Meet the Air India staff who make the airline ‘easy to navigate’


The Air India team behind Air India’s online booking system was among the first people to sign up for the airline’s new app in March.

They were part of a new team of more than 100 new employees, tasked with helping the airline manage the huge amount of data that is being collected by Air India to improve its customer service.

The team is also the first to have access to Air India flight data.

They have been working with the airline on various projects to make it easier for them to manage and share data with the rest of the company.

This includes helping Air India in making sure it can use data from its website to improve customer service, according to

Air India said in an email that the new team has been brought on board to make sure the company can work better with the new platform.

“The new team includes people who have been involved in the onboarding and booking process, as well as senior level IT staff who are able to make data sharing more efficient,” a spokesperson said.

AirAsia also said it has been working on its own new flight data solution for years, and is now able to share it with its competitors.

“As part of this, we are using an Air India-developed solution to collect and analyze the data we collect through the platform,” a spokeswoman said.

A representative for AirAsia said it had also been working closely with Air India since the launch of the app.

AirIndia was also the launch date for a new app that allows passengers to book flights, travel to the airport, and check their bags on the tarmac.

The new app is available to all passengers on all Air India flights.

“We are in the process of integrating all the data from the new app into our existing platform.

The app is the most user-friendly and user-centric flight information platform to date,” Air spokesperson Kannan Kumar said.

The company said the app is only available for new and existing Air India customers, and the only way to access the data is to subscribe to the AirAsia Premium service.

“Air India Premium is a new and very valuable subscription option for customers who wish to see more information about their flights, check their luggage, and receive complimentary alerts,” he added.

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