JetBlue flight 29 up,JetBlue flight status report: JetBlue is up for a few more flights from Melbourne, but the jetliner is no longer at risk of a crash

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JetBlue Flight 29 is now up for air travel from Melbourne to Canberra, with a planned arrival on Thursday morning.

JetBlue’s CEO and President, Alex Hirsch, said in a statement that the aircraft is now back at its usual cruising speed, which was about 1,200 kilometres per hour.

“JetBlue will be returning to normal cruising speed on Thursday evening, after experiencing an incident at sea last week,” Mr Hirsch said.

The flight has been flying from Melbourne’s Airport Airport to Canberra’s Canberra Airport since the start of April.

Flight 29 had been scheduled to land at Melbourne’s Perth Airport on Friday morning.

“As a precautionary measure, JetBlue has cancelled the next flight of this flight.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused,” Mr Hughes said.

A spokesman for the Australian Transport Safety Bureau said the agency was investigating the cause of the incident.

The flight had departed Melbourne’s airport at about 2:00pm on Thursday.

Australia’s aviation industry was hit hard by the collapse of a plane that was carrying passengers and crew to the Japanese island of Nara.

On Saturday, an investigation into the incident was launched into whether a pilot’s failure to use a cockpit emergency button during the incident contributed to the crash.

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