The history of the ‘Delta’ airline


A former top executive of a giant US airline has written a history of Delta Air Lines, revealing the origins of its iconic logo, and its legacy as a pioneer of low-cost airlines.

Key points:In the 1970s, Delta Air line pioneered low-price flights and pioneered a new airline model, the ‘Deltas’, which was later followed by United Airlines.

Delta’s iconic logo is still used by the airline and is a common sight at airports and on corporate websites.

The company says it will be donating the logo to the US Air Force Museum in Arlington, Virginia.

Delta, founded in 1949 by the late Douglas J. Schulze, had been a pioneer in low-fare airlines, and became the first US airline to launch its own low-class service.

In 1970, Delta became the largest low-priced airline in the world, and introduced a new type of airline, the Delta Deltas.

It would later become the world’s most successful low-ticket airline.

By 1978, the airline had sold more than 6 million flights, with more than a quarter of all flights to be from the United States.

Delta also pioneered the Delta Airlines business class, which would be used for the next 50 years, with low-orbit routes.

In 1981, Delta launched the Delta Business Class, and continued to expand its low-level service to new markets.

By the late 1980s, United Airlines was the biggest low-flight airline in history, with about 7 million flights.

The airline also became the leading low-income airline in America, and used the Delta logo for its logo and advertisements.

In the late 1990s, the company acquired US Airways, which was the world leader in low costs.

Delta was a pioneer when it began offering its low fares at low prices in the late 1970s.

In 1990, Delta made the transition to its own business class airline.

The brand’s legacy was established in the 1990s when United Airlines acquired Delta for $1.9 billion, and the company’s iconic Delta logo was introduced in 1993.

The logo, which has been the subject of numerous redesigns and has a number of different variations, was created by the US-based design firm Deltastream.

It is also known for its ‘Delta X’ logo, a stylised version of the company logo that can be seen on the front of some of the airline’s planes.

The ‘Delta logo’ was designed by the Deltestream design studio, who designed a number and shades of the logo over the years.

The original Delta logo features a star in the centre of the top left hand corner of the triangle, surrounded by a horizontal line.

It was designed in 1978.

A logo that was first designed in the early 1970s is used today, with the Delta name in the top right hand corner.

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