What the industry wants from drones

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The industry wants to make it easier to fly drones.

And it’s not going to just let them fly off the hook.

It wants to get drones flying on planes, and it’s hoping to take that technology to the skies.

“We’re going to be in a world where drones are flying on airplanes and then we’ll be able to see drones flying in airports, and we’ll have drone traffic,” says John Beauregard, CEO of the American Drone Association.

That would mean we’d be able see drones landing on airplanes, flying around airports and even getting on trains and buses, he says.

“It’s just the beginning.”

But for now, it’s mostly a dream.

There’s no clear timeline for the next phase of the industry’s evolution, which started with the advent of drones in the early 2000s.

So far, most of the big players in the space are focusing on the smaller, smaller models, such as the Predator and Phantom, which are mostly capable of flying autonomously, without a human pilot.

The big players, meanwhile, are still developing more advanced systems.

And there’s still no consensus about what exactly it means to be a drone.

“I think we’re seeing a lot of the smaller players taking a lead on that,” says Mr. Beauresg.

“The smaller, the better.

But they’re also making really big changes in terms of technology.”

For now, he thinks, the best way to understand what it means for a drone to be flying is to look at a commercial drone.

The Predator and the Phantom are two of the world’s most advanced drone aircraft, capable of hovering above a runway for hours at a time, and being able to navigate through traffic jams and take pictures of objects in the sky.

That capability, the company says, is what allows drones to fly without a pilot.

But drones are also being used to do more dangerous things.

They’re being used for surveillance and for military purposes, like remotely attacking targets.

A recent study found that drones have killed at least two people in the United States and three in Canada.

And while the drones’ potential is enormous, it doesn’t mean they’re going anywhere anytime soon.

“There’s still a long way to go in terms and capabilities, and I don’t think we’ll see drones being used in mass, for things like terrorism or for things that would normally require a pilot,” says Tom Furlong, executive director of the Drone Policy Alliance.

“But in the long run, I think we will see a lot more drones being flown.”

Mr. Furlung is a long-time critic of drones.

He points out that drones are already flying around the world, and there are already reports of drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.

But he says that the FAA, which oversees the FAA’s rules, is not doing enough to regulate the industry, and that the companies that have the most money at their disposal are still largely unregulated.

“So the FAA is in a bind,” he says, “and they’ve been for years.”

The FAA is also working on new rules, including ones that would require drones to be licensed, that would force the manufacturers to use more sophisticated algorithms to figure out what’s in the skies and where it should be, and require more oversight.

The FAA has proposed rules for a new system called the FAA Digital Airspace System, which would create a set of guidelines that would govern drones, which the agency has promised to introduce to the FAA next year.

But that process, the FAA says, will take years.

The agency is also developing regulations that would regulate drones on the ground, and is in talks with manufacturers to have drones flown on planes.

And the FAA has also said it’s considering requiring drones to carry a certain amount of human-rated software, which it says will help reduce accidents and injuries.

In a nutshell, it seems that while there’s no perfect solution to the industry in terms on how drones should be regulated, there are clear and measurable requirements for how to regulate them.

But as the drone industry continues to develop, there’s also plenty of room for confusion and for people to get their heads around the rules.

“You can’t have this debate where people are just going to say ‘Oh, well, we’ll just have drones fly, because it’s safer than the human, and no one’s going to die,'” says Mr: Beauredgard.

“This is something we’re going get to.

But we’ll probably be on the wrong side of it.”

Follow The Globe’s technology reporter, Mark McEwan, on Twitter.

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