When Jordan Flight takes flight to Honolulu, it won’t fly for the holidays

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The Air Line Pilots Association of Hawaii announced Tuesday it will suspend its annual holiday season flight service to Honolulu because of a new coronavirus outbreak.

The airline is one of several airlines with limited service to the city.

The association said Tuesday it would suspend the flights after receiving more than a dozen calls about the new coronaval infection, which began in late March.

The association said it was suspending flights for a few days while it investigates how the virus was spreading on the island.

Aviation experts say airlines with smaller planes are not immune to the coronaviral pandemic.

“I’ve been in the air business for a very long time, and I can tell you that it’s not easy to make that transition from a large airplane to a smaller plane,” said Chris Moulden, president of the association.

Citizens are being urged to be vigilant about their surroundings during the holidays.

Some people in the Hawaiian islands are taking precautions.

Hawaii Airports has been taking precautionary measures to ensure passengers and crew are not exposed to coronaviruses.

It is still unclear how many people have been exposed to the new virus, but Moulded said the airline has seen an uptick in calls and emails about the virus.

As of Monday, Moulds agency had received about 30 calls about coronavire.

Mould said the company had to shut down several flights to Honolulu to reduce the risk to other customers.

Airlines are facing similar pressures in the wake of the pandemic, as they struggle to keep passengers safe.

At least four large carriers have canceled holiday flights this year, including American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines.

United has canceled all domestic flights and United Express Flight 85 from Hawaii to Dallas.

American canceled all international flights from Hawaii on Tuesday, but it will continue to fly to the island and to the Dominican Republic, it said in a statement.

Delta, which flies to Hawaii from Chicago, said Tuesday that it would start flights back to Hawaii on Wednesday.

Airline executives in Hawaii have urged people to avoid travel to the state, saying there is little risk of exposure.

People should not be worried about travel to Hawaii.

They are not at risk of being infected, but there is a high risk that they will get infected, said Airline CEO Robert Moxon.

For more news on the coronaval disease, check out the Associated Press Health and Science blog.

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