How much money do you spend per day on flights to Oregon?


A study published in the journal PLOS ONE looks at how much money Americans spend per flight to the Oregon coast, which is home to many endangered species. 

The study found that the average person spends about $1,600 on flights each year, which amounts to an average of $2,500 per person per day. 

According to the researchers, the average American travels an average amount of time to the coast each year.

The researchers note that the cost of living in Oregon is among the highest in the country, with an average yearly income of about $52,000. 

How to spend the $2.5 trillion per year on flights. 

“Our research found that people spend more time at the beach than anywhere else on the West Coast,” said study author Kristin Tarr, a PhD student at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

“There are also areas of the coast where people are spending more time in nature.” 

According a press release, the researchers found that beachfront spending was highest in California and Florida, which are both considered major tourist destinations. 

They also found that a higher proportion of beachgoers were living in coastal cities than in smaller towns. 

Other cities in the study, including Portland, San Diego and Los Angeles, were found to spend less money per person.

The average price per flight was $2.,938. 

That’s about $600 more than a typical trip to New York, where the average cost per flight is $2 and a trip to Hawaii is $1.

In contrast, the cost per person is $5,095 for a typical three-day weekend trip to Oregon. 

Overall, the study found an average annual cost of $4,200 per person in Oregon, which comes out to about $3,000 per person a day.

“We found that for many people, the difference in travel time between New York and California is minimal,” Tarr said. 

Travel time was also the most expensive part of the study. 

Tarr said she thinks this may be because people choose to spend more money on their trips because of higher cost of gas, food and other expenses. 

In other words, people are choosing to travel less often because they feel like it’s cheaper to spend money on the trip.

She said that she hopes that people will start to pay attention to how much time they are spending on their travels and consider it when they are choosing where to go.

People also need to realize that there are other options to get around the coast, such as flying by train, bus or boat.

flights to oregon

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