How to dress up for a flight

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You’ll want to pack your flight jacket in a zippered pouch, a lightweight jacket, and a pair of pants, because you’re going to be flying in Korea. 

But be careful, because the Korean government is asking you to wear one piece of clothing over the rest.

The rule, which came into effect in March of this year, requires passengers to wear at least one piece each, and requires anyone caught with more than one piece to have the jacket confiscated.

It also requires passengers who don’t have a jacket to get a new one from the airport.

If you don’t know where to get one, you can find them at airports in the United States, and in some countries like South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand. 

“This is a common practice, which we see as a way to keep passengers safe,” a spokesperson for the Korean Air Transport Association (KATA) told EW.

“The goal of the regulation is to reduce risk to people traveling in and out of Korea.

The rules are strict, and if you are caught violating them, you will be punished by the government.”

The rules also say that passengers can wear any clothing that matches their flight jacket, but the most common clothing in the U.S. is long johns.

(And no, you cannot wear a tank top or jeans with your jacket.)

To stay safe, make sure you get a jacket that fits snugly against your body, but not so tight that you can’t move your legs and/or hips.

The KATA advises that it’s better to wear a loose fitting jacket if you’re traveling with children.

You can find a full list of the clothing rules here.

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