What’s happening with the Spirit Flight Tracker app?


By now, you’re probably used to the live tracking features of the Spirit flight tracker app.

It tracks your flight path, lets you check your status, and allows you to add flights you want to track.

However, the app does have some key limitations.

First, the live tracker app only works with iOS devices.

The Spirit flight tracking app only supports Windows 10 devices, but those phones also support the same functionality as the iPhone app.

Second, the Spirit app only has two features: a live map view and a “live flight tracking” tab that lets you see what flights are currently flying over your location.

It’s a pretty rudimentary feature set, and the app is lacking in features like live flight tracking and the ability to add new flights.

Third, the “live map view” is a bit clunky.

You can’t see the exact flight path of the aircraft you’re tracking from your phone, and even if you do, the path doesn’t match up with any map data.

That means if you’re flying over the ocean and you don’t see any planes nearby, you’ll have to go back to your phone and re-draw the route.

It also means that you won’t be able to use the flight tracker to track your own flight.

Finally, the way Spirit shows you the current flight path isn’t great.

You’ll have a “map view” that displays your current location on the map, and it only displays a zoomed-in view of your current flight.

If you hover over the map in the app, you get a view of the entire route as well as a bar at the top that shows your current altitude.

This doesn’t make sense when you’re trying to see how far you’re going in the direction you’re heading, since the flight path doesn.

Finally the live flight tracker only works on iOS devices, which means you’ll only be able watch live flight data in the Spirit App on iOS.

That makes the app very limited for use on a Windows PC, and if you don’ want to be tethered to a PC to view the flight data, it’s not worth it.

That being said, the apps biggest drawback is its lack of live flight updates.

Spirit doesn’t offer any sort of live tracking updates, but that’s probably because it’s a Windows-only app, which can be frustrating if you want a way to keep up with the latest news.

In the spirit of simplicity, the Flight Tracker team has released a Windows 10 app for those who want to see their flight updates and also for those that want to have the latest information on their flight.

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