American Airlines has offered to drop its American Airlines and Frontier Airlines flights to Bangkok


AMERICAN AIRLINES is offering to drop flights between Minneapolis and Bangkok, the American Airlines website said Monday, a move that could benefit the Bangkok-based airline which is facing the highest fuel prices in the world.

The airline has been trying to negotiate with the government for several years to reduce fuel prices, and this is the latest attempt.

American is asking the government to make an offer by Dec. 1 to negotiate on fuel prices.

The airlines, which has more than 70 airlines in more than 60 countries, has been negotiating with the Bangkok government for years on a number of fronts, including the way it sells its fuel.

A government source told The Associated Press that American Airlines wants to cut fuel prices by 10% and cut the number of flights it flies to Bangkok.

American’s request for a drop comes amid mounting international pressure on the Thai government to reduce the fuel prices and cut back on flights.

The Bangkok-bound flights are one of the cheapest domestic routes in the country.

The Bangkok-St. Louis flight was supposed to leave Monday at 8 a.m. local time and arrive at Bangkok’s Terminal 2 by 3 p.m., but the Bangkok airport has been operating without air traffic control since mid-May because of a power cut and the need to shut down the airport, according to the Thai Airports Authority.

American said in a statement that the airline is “pleased to have a dialogue with the Thai authorities on these matters and look forward to working with them to reach a mutually acceptable solution.”

American said it will continue to fly to Thailand as planned and to fly in the same routes as before, the airline said.

American, which is a U.S. subsidiary of US Airways, has more domestic routes to Thailand than any other airline, according a report in the Wall Street Journal.

It is also one of three U.s. carriers that fly between Bangkok and other Thai cities and also operates a few international routes.

An American Airlines spokesman said in an email that the company has been in negotiations with the Government of Thailand on the issue of fuel prices for more than 10 years.

American has offered “to reduce fuel costs for our passengers by 10 percent over the next two years and will continue its work with the Ministry of Transport and Communications on the matter,” the spokesman said.

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