Canada’s Bombardier announces new jets, more planes as part of new deal

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Bombardiers announced plans to add more jets to its fleet as part to a deal worth nearly $2 billion.

The announcement comes as Canada continues to struggle with a high cost of living, but also as the company looks to cut costs.

The Montreal-based airline said the aircraft, which will be the company’s largest and most advanced fleet, will add six new jets to Bombarders fleet, including the 737 MAX MAX, 737 MAX Express, 777-200 MAX and the 737 Max.

The planes will be delivered later this year.

Bombardés new aircraft, as well as the 737, MAX and MAX Express jets, are also among the new aircraft the company is purchasing from Boeing Co. Bombier said the planes will “enable Bombardero to achieve new, ambitious and profitable growth”.

The 737 MAX is a new, light and low-cost passenger jet designed for the global market.

The MAX Express is a medium-haul, full-size aircraft that is based on the 737-700, the predecessor of the 737.

The MAX Express will replace the 737MAX, which has been in service since 2006.

The 737MAX MAX Express has the capability of being fully operational within five years, and will replace two other 737 MAX models, the MAX Express and the MAX 300.

It also has an option to upgrade the MAX to a 787-9 Dreamliner.

Bombadero said the 737Max MAX Express would replace Bombardes existing fleet of 737s and 787s.

Bombalier said it has ordered 100 737 MAXs from Boeing and is “excited to deliver these vehicles to our customers in 2019.”

The 737Max Express will be built by Bombarderos design office in Montreal.

Bombavillers said it will also add its first-ever 787 MAX Express.

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