A little bit of information about the flights to Thailand and the flights that are cancelled

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Updated January 14, 2020 10:18:22Myanmar is on the verge of a third year of political unrest and its leaders have been forced to resign.

The country’s military and the national security forces are battling a violent insurgency and a deadly virus outbreak in which hundreds of thousands of people have been killed.

The government is now looking to bolster its armed forces and the country’s largest private sector is also preparing to close.

The latest news from the region has been mixed.

Flight to ThailandAirline CancellationsThailand’s AirAsia flight is cancelled for next week as the country continues to deal with a deadly pandemic, according to the airline’s Twitter account.

“Due to the pandemic threat, we will be cancelling our next two flights to Bangkok, Cambodia, and Macao this week,” AirAsia tweeted on January 10.

Flight from Thailand to CambodiaAirAsia tweeted: “Due to a pandemic we will cancel our next flight to Cambodia on January 19, 2019.”

AirAsia also tweeted that it will be postponing flights to Malaysia and Singapore, saying that the airlines are “currently assessing” the threat.

AirAsia is the biggest airline in Thailand and has the largest passenger base in the country.

The airline said in February that it would be closing its entire Thai fleet and will start flying to mainland Thailand and Macau, according the Associated Press.

Air India also announced in February it was cancelling its Bangkok and Macadam flights.

The company said the pandemics have resulted in an “immediate reduction in service for all of our passengers and staff”.

Air India has also said it is reducing flights to the Maldives.

Thailand is not the only country facing a pandemic threat.

The United States and Australia have also experienced the pandemia.

AirAsia said in January that it was shutting down its Thai fleet as the virus threat “has increased exponentially.”

Air India said it will start serving its Maldives customers in January 2019, but its Singapore-based fleet is not scheduled to start service until December 2020.

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