How to avoid a Southwest flight nurse on the ground

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More than 80 percent of Southwest flights are now overbooked, and a flight nurse is helping to coordinate the flights.

But that doesn’t mean the Southwest flight nurses are in charge of flying.

The Northwest Airlines flight nurse, Brittany Johnson, is part of the team that’s helping Southwest avoid overbooking by the end of the year.

It’s a critical job, because Southwest’s Southwest Jetport terminal is often full of passengers who have been booked to fly to and from Los Angeles, including many who have not been on their flights.

Johnson says they’ve had to do what airlines do to keep seats available and that’s keep passengers in check.

The airline’s CEO and president said the Southwest Jetports terminal is filled with customers who haven’t been on flights in a while.

He said the flight nurses were the ones who had to help coordinate the flow of passengers.

They’re here to make sure that when people do come in they have enough space, they’re able to do their job, and that when they do leave, they get to the right plane as quickly as possible,” Southwest CEO Gregg Steinhafel said in a statement.

The FAA recently approved Southwest’s request to temporarily close its Jetport Terminal, saying the airline has already exhausted its supply of fuel.

The FAA said Southwest would be allowed to reopen Jetport once it has completed the review process.

Johnson says she has been on the job for nearly a year.

She says she was able to help Southwest by finding out when flights would be overbook.

She said it’s not easy for a flight nursing to fly when flights are overbookEDUCATION: What you need to know about child care.

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