How to become a flight attendant in the UK

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A flight attendant job has become one of the biggest jobs on the market.

But how can you land the job?

In this video, we’ll take you through the steps you need to take to become one.


Find a flight training provider in your country If you want to be an air stewardess or a flight attendants, then you need a flight teaching provider.

They will pay for your training and then pay for the training itself.

They’ll also set the fees for your flight, and they will provide you with a pay packet.

In the UK, the national airline is British Airways.

We’ll talk more about this in a moment, but the basic requirements are that you have at least a Bachelor of Science in aviation (or an equivalent equivalent), and you must have at the minimum: at least two years of experience as an air attendant or flight attendant.


Get an air hostess licence You can also get an airhostess licence, which is an apprenticeship that lets you do all the flying and flying training that you would do in the air.

The requirements are quite different to a flight instructors licence.

You must have two years experience as a flight hostess.

The minimum qualification is to have at most two years in a recognised air hostesses training program.

You need to have a bachelor’s degree and two years on your air hosters licence.


Get your first flight A pilot’s licence, air host operator licence, or an equivalent qualification from an air safety certificate is also an important step.

For some countries, you also need a minimum of at least four years flying experience to fly in the commercial air fleet.

A flight instructor’s licence will give you the same type of qualifications, but you can also take the more advanced certificate and training as a pilot.

You will need to fly a commercial airline for the first time, and then you’ll need to complete the training and flying test.

The flight instructor training requirements are similar to those for a flight hosts licence, but are a bit stricter, as you need three years of flying experience.

The first test will be on your own, so be prepared to spend some time getting used to your new job.

There are also additional requirements in some countries.

The United States, for example, has some regulations about flight instructors that are stricter than those in the United Kingdom.

If you do not have enough experience in flight hosts to qualify for the test, then your first attempt will be at an air carriers airport.

If the first attempt is successful, you will be given a certificate that entitles you to a commercial pilot’s certificate.

The certificate will help you fly commercial aircraft.

If your first time is not as successful, then it will take a further three years for you to qualify.

You’ll also need to spend two years working in the flight training program and then completing the training.

This means that you’ll have to do extra training to be able to fly an aircraft on a commercial flight.

It also means that if you’re a non-EU resident, you’ll be required to apply for a work permit to work in the European Economic Area.


Learn the skills you need A good flight instructor has the same requirements for flying an aircraft as an aircraft pilot.

But, because you’ll only be flying in a limited number of aircraft, you need different skills to be flying commercial aircraft, such as flight monitoring and flight planning.

Flight monitors and flight planners are the skills that flight attendants need.

They’re responsible for monitoring and monitoring flight status and performing any other tasks that would require them to be present in the cockpit.

For example, flight controllers can also be trained in these skills.

The skills that air hosts require are more advanced than those for flight hosts, and flight attendants must be able: to fly at a high altitude in a narrow area without losing control

flight attendant jobs

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