What are the flight restrictions for Scotland?

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Scotland has cancelled all international flights between Edinburgh and Glasgow, with some passengers and crew affected.

There are a number of reasons why, with a number being due to the UK government deciding to cancel some of the planned routes between Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee.

It’s believed there will be a total of 13 international flights on the route between Edinburgh to Glasgow this weekend.

Scotland’s Transport Minister has said the cancellation will take place over the weekend, and it is likely that most passengers and crews will be able to fly back to their respective cities.

It is not yet known how many flights the airline will cancel, but some airlines are advising passengers and staff to check their itineraries with airlines that operate between Scotland and the UK before making any plans.

However, if you have been told that you can fly from Edinburgh to Dundee this weekend, there are some important things you should know about that.

What you need to know about flight restrictions:Scotland’s National Rail network has been affected, with travellers and crew being forced to travel from Edinburgh, as well as to other Scottish cities, to avoid disruption.

There are no further flights between Scotland’s cities this weekend as a result.

In total, Glasgow has cancelled 11 international flights, with Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Caithness, Denshaw, Loughran, Moray and Orkney affected.

It remains unclear whether there will still be flights between the two cities this time.

Scotland is currently flying between Edinburgh-Lothian and Edinburgh-Dundee on a regular basis.

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